• We see value where
    others do not.
    And build value in
    ways others cannot.

  • $15+ billion: Enterprise value of
    investments closed.

    $70+ billion: Transaction level
    revenue data analyzed.


Transforming Investing Through Data Science

$15+ Billion

Enterprise value of investments closed

$70+ Billion

Transaction level revenue data analyzed

25 Years

IP and research in data science

We see the explosion of data as a watershed moment for investing. Investors can harness the power of data science prevalent in Silicon Valley. Data science is an innovative discipline that extracts knowledge by telling a story from data. Our mission is to use data science to make smarter investment decisions and build unprecedented value.

Two Six Capital is founded on over 25 years of intellectual property and research in data science. The firm has participated in marquee private equity buyouts whose combined enterprise value exceeds $15 billion. The Two Six platform has analyzed over $70 billion in granular transaction-level data, the largest scale in the investment industry. The results? Unsurpassed investment conviction and transformative value creation potential.

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Understand the past and forecast future business drivers using statistics.

Advanced analytics platform built for investment due diligence and value creation.

Scale and speed: Granular transaction-level data ingestion and high frequency analyses using proprietary models.


Investment due diligence, co-investment, and value creation for portfolio companies utilizing big data.

Revenue projections based on unit-level company growth and quality of customers, products, and channels.

Optimized equity and debt structure based on lifetime value (LTV) of customers and products.


Applicable to any company that has any ONE of the following characteristics: Large number of customers, products, or channels.

Brands, Business services, Distributors, Ecommerce, Financial services, Industrials, Media, Retail, Technology, Telecom.


Unique combination of investors, consultants, data scientists, and data engineers.

Wharton Professors, PhDs in Statistics, Math and Physics Olympic medalist.



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